Delegates at the GAISF Extraordinary General Assembly held in the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne November 29th decided the GAISF dissolution following the proposal of the Council.
All current members of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) became members of the SportAccord (former GAISF business unit).
AIMS (1) and ARISF (2) representives will now be part of the SportAccord Executive Board.

However the Executive Director of IMSA (International Mind Sports Association) Geoffrey Borg asked to treat with more respect Associate Members, de facto with the « Observer » future status in SportAccord organization they would be "Second class citizens".
In his answer Ivo Ferriani, the GAISF former President promised to treat fairly Associate Members.
The FMJD Board as a Member of AIMS and IMSA fully support IMSA's request and therefore look forward about the new SportAccord activities..

November 28th beside IF Forum the AIMS meeting with the IOC has been organized in the IOC Head Quarters. All AIMS members including FMJD were represented.
The recognition process on hold since 2019 was dicussed and we hope that our recognition application will be reviewed by the IOC Q4/2023 once the new process lastly finalized.

On the margins of all meetings our representative Richard Przewozniak, FMJD Vice-President in charge of International Relations met November 30th in Maison du Sport International in Lausanne Laeticia Zumbrunnen, Wada Senior Manager, Sport Movement Relations.
Wada welcomed and endorsed FMJD efforts to develop Clean sport values in Draughts. The FMJD Risk Assessment Plan recently provided to Wada was highly appreciated.

You can consult pages dedicated to Clean sport on our website.