French draughts federation has been rejuvenated.

Anthony Alavoine is the new president of the Fédération Française de Jeu de Dames.
He is 25 years old and the average age of the board of the FFJD is also 25! He was chosen for
four years by the congress of the French federation. Anthony is Business Manager, he finished
his masters in 2022.
He officially started to play draughts at the age of 8, having discovered the game thanks to his
father and brothers.
He played at the Compiègne club under Serge Minaux, who showed him the values and beauty
of the game, his investment in the game has guided him towards his own today.
As he began playing, he quickly got the taste for it, finishing 3rd in his first French youth
Anthony: “And I've never stopped playing, competing locally, nationally and internationally. A
little anecdote to mark my first presidency year. I'm also organizing the French Championship in
Compiègne in 2024 with the help of my club. It goes without saying that my election would
never have taken place without the presence of my fellow players and board members - Robin
Paul, Francois Paul, Anastase Leclerc, Victor Laleuw and Boris Darry.”
Victor Laleuw is studying Engineering, currently in Canada for 1 year.
Anastase Leclerc is studying for a Master's degree in International Communication.
Robin Paul is in charge of heritage studies, Francois Paul is a Mathematics teacher.
Boris Darry is a buyer with an international Trade organization.
Average age of the FFJD new board is 25, which is exceptionally young for an association. With
this rejuvenated board, it is expected that ambitious plans will be made for the future.

Text Siep Buurke, Tournament Manager FMJD.

The photo from Anthony Alavoine was taken in the last Golden Prague tournament.