November Meetings in Lausanne

A number of important meetings took place during the IF Forum organised from 13 to 15 November in the international sports capital of Lausanne (Switzerland).

Firstly, on 13/11 at the House of Olympic Sport, the AIMS General Assembly was held in the presence of IOC representatives and around twenty of its members. We were disappointed by the lack of progress on the Olympic recognition process, which was due to be finalised by the end of 2023. The process was delayed by the dissolution of GAISF decision voted last year. Now this process has been completed, AIMS has the funds to develop and help its members.

Valentin Capelli from Wada was present at the GA and reminded us of the importance of the principles of Clean sport. We also met with WADA alongside the forum at the Olympic Sports Museum and presented our progress on the doping and education fronts, which was much appreciated by Wada.

On 14/11, we will be holding an IMSA meeting at the Maison du Sport International, avenue de Rhodanie. Among the most important points the city of Tangshan has already allocated a budget (8mln€) for the organisation of the WSMG in 2024. Final approval from the Chinese Sports Administration is awaited before the event can be confirmed.

Geoffrey Borg IMSA Executive Director and Stephan Fox AIMS president were also due to attend the Combat Games in Saudi Arabia at the end of November to discuss the possibility of organising mind games there next year.

During this meeting, the FMJD, through its Vice-President Richard Przewozniak, presented José Damiani, the founder of IMSA, and Geoffrey Borg, its Executive Director, with the diplomas of FMJD Membres bienfaiteurs, following the decision of the FMJD Executive Board early November. They were both very touched by this distinction and thanked us warmly.

Finally, following the decision taken by the last General Assembly in Drancy (France) to transfer our head office to Lausanne and open a bank account in Switzerland, we submitted Nov 15th a file to the Chamber of Commerce of the canton of Vaud with a view to official registration of the FMJD in Switzerland.