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08-05-2024  by Siep Buurke

The closing ceremony. 
The Netherlands superior in  Open Blitz.

The Blitz World Championship on 8 may took place on the day of closure.
At the Open tournament, the team from the Netherlands was superior from
the start. All matches were won by this team. Latvia was the strongest
of the rest and became second. The battle for the third place was
fierce. Ultimately, Lithuania managed to come third in resistance just
ahead of China. All teams played against each other. For Israël,
teamcaptain Alexander Schwarzman did not participate, meaning the team
only finished ninth.
Among women, the Polish team won the Blitz World Cup. In the third round
it won against Ukraine, which made the decision. The championship was
always between these two countries. Ultimately, Poland won by one point
over Ukraine. A double-round system was played here. The Netherlands
eventually finished third after beating China in the final round. China
thus lost its one point lead over the Netherlands.

The closing took place in a room with a beautiful tiled wall as a
The chairman of the FMJD Jacek Pawlicky handed out the diplomas, the
tournament director Siep Buurke the medals and the chairman of the
Portuguese Drafts Federation Arlindo Roda the cups. They also spoke
during the closingceremony. In between, the national anthem of Poland
was played twice, that of the Netherlands three times and that of Latvia
once. It concluded with the FMJD national anthem. The players were
particularly satisfied with the way they were received by the organizing
committee, the good conditions, the good hotel and food and the
particularly beautiful landscape in which the players found themselves.
It is a very successful tournament with exceptional performances,
achieved by the young Latvia team. One of the three players, 10-year-old
Alise Misans is the youngest player ever in a sport to call herself
world champion.

07-05-2024  by Siep Buurke

WCh Rapid Open

The Netherlands once again World Rapid Champion.

In a thrilling final, the Netherlands ultimately won. The Netherlands failed to win the first
round against China and thus lost a valuable point. This kept the tournament exciting until
the last match. In the fifth round, the Netherlands suffered a serious defeat against Israel.
Jitse Slump had to acknowledge his superiority in Alexander Schwarzman. Israel was then
two points ahead with two rounds to go and seemed to be heading straight for the title. In
the next two rounds, crazy things happened. Israel unexpectedly lost to Latvia, Misans won
against Verhkovich. In the final round, the Netherlands and Israel were tied. The final round
was the deciding factor, the Netherlands easily won against Lithuania while Israel failed to
beat China. This draw put Latvia in second place just ahead of Israel with a better TSSolkov
system. Latvia won 6-0 against Guinea-Bissau.
The Cameroon team arrived in Albufeira in time for the Rapid World Cup, which started
today at 9 a.m. Portuguese time. Cameroon came 6th.
The oldest participant, Delvim Alves plays for Portugal 2, he is 90. There are 13 participating
teams. Portugal came as a host country with a second team, unfortunately they lost all

07-05-2024  by Siep Buurke
WCh Rapid Open Women

Women Poland world champion Rapid teams
The Polish women have extended their title won two years ago. Now it was a clear victory. There
were two draws and three wins. The Polish team consists of: Natalia Sadowska, Marta Bankovska and
Katarzyna Stanczuk. Surprisingly second is Ukraine, in the regular tournament they did not qualify for
the final. China, which participated for the first time, came third. Latvia won in the regular
tournament, but not a single match was won in the rapid. The Rapid is clearly a different discipline
than a competition with more thinking time. There was only one loss. The Netherlands, which
finished third in the regular tournament, lost all matches, except for the one against Latvia.

05-05-2024  by Siep Buurke
Last round. The youth has the future.

The Netherlands and Latvia - World Team Champions!

In the women's section, Latvia's exceptionally young team has become world champion.
Team leader Elena Chesnakova is 24, she will soon be 25, the other two team members are
10 and 14 years old, together younger than the leader.
The Dutch team is also quite young. Lisa Scholtens is 19 years old,
Fleur Kruysmulder is 17 and Yulia Bintsarovka 14. Latvia won 4-2 against the Netherlands.
Poland finished second. The Netherlands came third.
The Netherlands became World Champion in the Open tournament. By playing 3-3 against
Latvia it retained its one point lead.
The Netherlands became world champion for the second time in a row, two years ago in Antalya they also won.
Latvia came second. Lithuania finished third after beating Israel.

05-05-2024  by Siep Buurke

Round 5

There were spectacular results for the women in the last preliminary round. The previously
favored Ukrainian team surprisingly lost to Latvia. Ten-year-old Alise Misane caused
problems for world champion Victoria Motrichko. Victoria still had to make every effort to
keep the score at a draw. Ukraine is now eliminated and will play Lithuania twice in the
consolation round. There is nothing at stake anymore for Ukraine, so world champion
Victoria Motrichko is not in today's line-up. That is possible, because Ukraine came to the
tournament with five players.
The Netherlands is two points ahead of Latvia. Both countries have not lost a match yet. The
battle for the world title is not a done race. If Poland wins against the Netherlands, it can still
join the battle, China is too far behind to play a role.
The final of the Open tournament will probably be between the Netherlands and Latvia. The
Netherlands won the last match in the preliminary round with a whopping 6-0 against
Lithuania, which nevertheless qualified for the final.

04-05-2024  by Siep Buurke
Cameroon participates in the World Cup Rapid and Blitz teams!
The Cameroon team could not participate in the national tournament, they did not receive a
visa for Portugal in time. Fortunately, the team can participate in the World Cup countries
Rapid and Blitz, for which they received the visa just in time.
The Cameroonians can now defend their Blitz World Cup title.

03-05-2024  by Siep Buurke
Round 4

After the fourth round it is fairly clear which teams will qualify for the final round. The Netherlands and Ukraine continue in group Albufeira.
The mutual match between Lithuania and Italy in the final round will decide which of these countries will go to the final.
Italy must win to qualify. In group Faro it will be difficult for China, which has performed disappointingly so far, to qualify, they will have to beat France 6-0.
The women's teams are very evenly matched. The Netherlands is in the lead after beating Ukraine.
Lyudmila Litvinenko unexpectedly lost to Fleur Kruysmulder after she had built up a winning position.
The other two games were drawn. So instead of winning, team Ukraine lost.
It is now competing with China for the last place in the final. China plays against the Netherlands and Ukraine plays against Latvia.
Tomorrow, at nine o'clock, the final rounds start.

02-05-2024  by Siep Buurke
Round 3

In the third round, on May 2, the second round of the day, it became clear at the open
tournament which teams have already qualified for the final, which starts on May 4,
following the fifth round. In the Albufeira group the first three countries are: the Netherlands, Lithuania and Ukraine.
In the Faro group, Latvia, France and Israel are at the top. They are therefore the countries that have the best chance of a place in the final.
Latvia and the Netherlands have already qualified.
Surprising were the draws of Gabriele D'Ámore of Italy against world champion Yurii Anikeev and Raul Alias ​​of Curaçao,
who managed to keep Raimonds Vipulis from Latvia from winning in a titanic battle.
For women, it is completely unclear which teams will go to the final.
Favorite Poland unexpectedly lost 5-1 to the young team from the Netherlands.
Of the nine matches played so far, seven (7!) have been drawn.
The teams are very evenly matched. With two rounds to go, the outcome is still a surprise.
The Netherlands is the only one that has already qualified for the final.

02-05-2024  by Siep Buurke
Round 2
Before the start of the second round, referee Zoja Golubeva took the floor.
Yesterday, in the first round, there was a problem with a few clocks. Israeli Alexander Schwarzman received a
public reprimand from the referee. He had insulted the referee in the first round after the problems with the clocks.
He received an official warning (In Dutch: schobbering) from the referee and would have to pay for a subsequent offense in a match defeat.
The clock problem had now been resolved. After the second round there was a slight separation for  the first three places.
The Netherlands is in the lead in group Albufeira with two games won.
In second place is Lithuania, which managed to keep Ukraine at 3-3. Ukraine is in fifth place behind Portugal and Italy.
In group Faro, Latvia is alone at the top with two games won.Curaçao had lost its first match 6-0 to France.
The Netherlands also leads among women. They were the only ones to win the match in the second round. The favorites Ukraine and
Poland surprisingly failed to beat China and Latvia respectively.

01-05-2024  by Siep Buurke

Round 1
The World Team Championships in Albufeira, Portugal, have started.

There were problems in advance about participation.
Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain a visa for Cameroon and Senegal in time.
It's a shame, but the organization cannot be blamed. They are dependent on the government.
It is a bad development for draughts competition worldwide that it is so difficult to obtain a visa.
Cameroon and Senegal belong in this tournament.
Other teams took a long time to get to the tournament.
The Curaçao players had the setback that their plane broke down. They were therefore a day late.
Fortunately, this could be resolved by giving them a free lap in the first round.
This was possible due to the participation of an odd number of countries in the open tournament.
Some countries are participating for the first time: Guinea-Bissau, Curacao and China.
France is the only country that has played in all the Teams World Championships.
This time, countries from four continents are participating in this World Championship.
In the first round, the favorites in both the open tournament and the women's tournament
met each other. The Netherlands against Ukraine and in the women's competition Polandagainst Ukraine.
The Ukrainian teams include world champions Yuri Anikejev and Victoria Motrichko.
In the Open tournament, the Netherlands won against Ukraine with a victory by Jan Groenendijk over Yurii Bobkov.
For the women, each match ended in a draw, so all  countries are on an equal footing.