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The FMJD (Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames) was founded in Paris in September 1947 by four national federations: France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Its main aim was to regulate world championships.
The first international tournament however was played in Amiens (France) in 1885, and since 1897 the World championships have been held between France and the Netherlands. The increase in membership and the desire for more regular and better-regulated competitions led to the creation of an international organisation initially called the FIJD (Fédération Internationale de Jeu de Dames).
Since its creation, the FMJD has grown considerably and spread to every continent (Africa, Asia, North America), with 74 countries currently represented. World championships are regularly organised in various categories (men/women, youth, veterans) at different game rates.
The FMJD is a member of SportAccord (via AIMS), the umbrella organisation for Olympic and non-Olympic international sports federations.
The FMJD's activities are part of a wider movement to integrate mind sports into sporting arenas. To this end, in 2005 the FMJD, together with FIDE, WBF and GO, founded the IMSA (International Mind Sport Association), the main aim of which is to organise multi-sport elite event World Mind Games in conjunction with IOC and to gain recognition for these mind sports from National Olympic organisations.
The FMJD has strengthened the application of the principles of Clean Sport by applying the requirements of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).
In 2023, the headquarters of the FMJD will be transferred to Lausanne (Switzerland), the world capital of sport, reinforcing the global dimension of our federation.

Amiens 1885
Participants of the 1st international tournament in Amiens (France) - 1885
FMJD 1947
FMJD founding meeting Paris September 13th, 1947