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Free download of an English book on international draughts.

Tjalling Goedemoed from the Netherlands has written a draughts book of 166 pages on international draughts (100 cases) in the English language.
The title is :
A Course in Draughts
and the subtitle:
A guide for beginning and more advanced players of the international game of 10 x 10 draughts

Tjalling Goedemoed is an experienced trainer in draughts. He has worked with many successful young players who played in World and European championships. Goedemoed composed five courses in draughts at cd-rom. This trainings program containing thousands of exercises is called DamMentor.

The book "A course on draughts" is richly illustrated with diagrams and contains a large amount of exercises and solutions. Tjalling Goedemoed writes in his introduction to the book:

"This course is mainly aimed at tactical aspects of the games. Tactics refers to shots, forcings, traps etc. A second course will have a more strategic approach.
I hope you will learn a lot from this course and above all I hope you will enjoy the game!"

Frits Luteyn has made it financially possible that this book may be downloaded free of charge by everybody.
The book is free to use at school for lessons and also the author and Frits Luteyn hope that people will translate the book to their native languages.
They hope to have more books online for free download in the future.

The rules:
- Everybody has the right to freely download the book, print the result and use for own purposes.
- Everybody has the right to translate the book to their native language and publish without any fee for the author Tjalling Goedemoed or the sponsor Frits Luteyn.
Of course everybody is free to give a big thank you to the author and/or the sponsor.
Their e-mail addresses: and

The book can be downloaded from:

To give an idea of the contents of the book here is a copy of the first pages: