LETS “PlayDraughtsTogether” NIGHT!

The Curaçao Draughts Federation will organize every THURSDAY A BLITZ TOURNAMENT till SEPTEMBER 3rd. The main objective is to promote an initiative that people can take to fight COVID-19 and enjoy together playing draughts during these difficult moments in our life. By making use of this wonderful mind sport we will like to encourages users to join and play online, for the sake of their own health and that of their families and communities.

“Wherever you are, whatever level you play, you can make a difference.”

So let make the best out of it, and enjoy as much as possible by playing draughts!

April 23, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/INrZGeSG
April 30, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/L7XQgkGZ
May 7, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/iH1LFRq0
May 14, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/EP6vjQ91
May 21, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/K2BB58Gq
May 28, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/1O77nMnD
June 4, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/r6WmFCIc
June 11, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/EbbLXdaw
June 18, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/RcJP5Bb7
June 25, 2020: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/Wb5D1PyZ
July 02 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/UI3aSOL1
July 09 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/jyXbDHlX
July 16 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/b6GPx37W
July 23 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/RmWbnwTW
July 30 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/wFv1Qs4a
August 06 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/vUJvb4kM
August 13 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/LlHd3zMC
August 20 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/N6YGYfNj
August 27 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/TF0uzcqo
September 03 https://lidraughts.org/tournament/AqFyChdx