FMJD Solidarity Fund

Donate to the fund or its activities

1. The task of the Fund is to help prominent figures from the draughts community in difficult
life situations.
2. The source of financing of the Fund's activities are voluntary contributions of people,
companies, organizations.
3. The contributions may be nameless or addressed to help a specific person.
4. Fund resources are accumulated on the FMJD account.
5. The activities of the fund are managed by the council.
6. The council is appointed by the Board of the FMJD.
7. Only one person from the FMJD Board can be a member and it is always the treasurer.
8. The Board appoints a chairman from among its members.
9. The Council decides on the commencement of a new personal collection of the fund.
10. The Board of the Fund guarantees that the funds will be spent according to the will of the
11. Once a year, the Board shall submit information on its activities to the FMJD Board

Council members (in alphabetic order):
1. Aare Harak, Estonia
2. Vaclav Krista, Czech Republic
3. Jean Marc Ndjofang, Cameroon